Striving for more compelling content? Here are three tips:

TIP #1: Focus on your audience/customers

In our always-on omni-channel world, the only things things that break through are relevant. Here are tips for creating more relevant blog topics. Once the topic hooks them, we still have to deliver. To create content that actual compels the audience to engage and then think, feel or do,  focus on what they need and want to hear. This is most easily achieved by considering their questions, concerns and objections. See a simple strategy for putting the customer perspective in messaging and content.

TIP #2: Convey relevant information & believable ideas

If we want people to follow us and our thinking, we have to present our content in a way that's worth following. Trust, authenticity, believability--all these things are informed by ideas that are clear and concise. Here's a slide deck that shows how to create content with more clarity, focus and transparency.

TIP #3: Use an authentic voice

Voice is what makes people trust us--or not. Despite all the talk of "buyer personae", it's just as important to have the right "communicator persona", too. Think about who your audience really is and the kind of person they trust and want to listen to. Then choose words and sentence structures that create that "sound". This is crucial to creating content that keeps people reading and that stands out. Learn how to create the right tone for content.

Focusing on these three areas creates more intention in your content, which always creates better results.

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