October is National Reading Group Month!

Couple weeks ago, I interviewed a small business owner who joins his staff in reading a business book each quarter. They meet once a week to discuss each chapter, what they can take-away or can implement, and how that implementation is going. I like that he does it with them and that he makes sure it relates to the work they're doing together. It's a great way to build capacity and camaraderie. Think it would work at your workplace?

Need ideas? Maybe you saw this great feature in Fortune, Thriving in an Amazon World, about Sharon Anderson Wright, CEO of Half Price Books, which included this nifty sidebar:

Finally, here's a great tool my husband, Steve Peha, developed to help kids talk about books--fiction or non-fiction. But I gotta admit it works great for adults, too, and I use as a framework for reviewing books (example). It's called the 5 Big Questions™:

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Happy reading!


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