Colleague Taylor Sisk (that's him over there) and I recently completed an enterprise content project for Staples, creating a package to support its new line of Shark Tank products. Our work included how-to articles featuring advice from Shark Tank entrepreneurs and other experts, a series of Q&As with a few of the successful business owners and copy for a slide-deck on a-ha moments. The Staples team conducted video interviews with Shark Lori Grenier and successful entrepreneurs.

Browse the package here: What Can Your Small Business Learn from "Shark Tank"?


4 tips for better reporting, brand journalism

April 6, 2015

With the Rolling Stone retraction on everyone's minds -- yes, even yours, brand journalists! -- here are some quick tips for improving the quality and accuracy of your reporting and writing.

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Tips for global content marketing

March 31, 2015

The global audience for content marketing is getting bigger all the time. Here's what you need to know to make your visual and editorial content marketing effective across languages and cultures.

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What makes “good” opinion writing?

March 23, 2015

Here's an example of great opinion writing, and the traits that make it so. Use this technique to understand what makes any piece of writing great (or what would make it better).

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How to design a brand logo

March 18, 2015

What should you consider when designing or updating your logo? We've got all the important factors in this infographic.

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How colors affect your brand

March 12, 2015

Check out this infographic we created for Staples to learn more about how color and branding work together.

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Get organized with Agile principles

January 26, 2015

How to organize your content operation with Agile for maximum efficiency and quality -- without going nuts.

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How to plan and create with purpose

January 12, 2015

It's easier to produce results when your purpose is clearly defined. Here's a quick and easy way to determine what you want people to think, feel and do after they interact with you or your brand.

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New Year’s resolutions for content marketers

January 5, 2015

3 quick New Year's resolutions to help you get more from your content marketing efforts.

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