It's Thanksgiving week, so I'm serving up a heaping helping of marketing advice in the form of my latest article for the Staples Business Hub:

Is Your Marketing Putting Customers to Sleep?
5 Tips to Wake Things Up

While the myth that tryptophan-laden turkey causes sleepiness has been busted, here’s one thing that remains true: Boring marketing puts customers to sleep. And if they’re snoring, they’re ignoring you.

Move away from constantly barraging customers with sales offers, tired graphics and lackluster copy that make online and offline marketing dull, and try one or more of these tactics to refresh your marketing communications with clients and your business:

1. Seek Inspiration
2. Write Stronger
3. Get More Colorful
4. Improve Your Images
5. Don’t Be Afraid to Pay

Click here to get the details on how to freshen up your marketing.


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