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Content marketing year in review

Our top-performing posts of 2018 included lots of writing advice (endorsement letters, long-form content marketing), two mini case studies and lots of other advice. Check out our top 12 blog entries of 2018.

The most-read posts of the second quarter are all how-tos. Two are straight tips articles for brand journalists and content marketers. The other three are mini case studies on corporate social responsibility, conference marketing and fundraising.

Our most-read posts of the first quarter cover data privacy, public service announcements and some take-aways from my first 25 years of agency ownership.

Review the top content marketing tips and writing advice we gave last year, based on clicks and shares.

Best of our Blog: Q317

Take a look at our most-read posts from the third quarter and learn how to write sequential content, producer longer content, and work with freelancers and agencies.

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