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Best Practice

We can all use a few new tricks up our sleeves. Check out our collection of tips and techniques for public relations, business, writing and content success!

Interesting read from the AMA this week on a Seismic and Gatepoint Research report on issues facing B2B marketers. Tons of good take-aways, but this one stuck out to me: Twenty-four percent say not being able to keep up with corporate demand for updated content was the biggest challenge.  This wasn't eye-popping to me because of […] Read More

A marketer’s reading list

There's so much content to consume. How do you pick? I choose based on measurable value to my work. That's how I came up with this short list of must-read marketing, business and news blogs and publications. Enjoy!

What I learned at NewsCred's #ThinkContent Summit, including how content marketing is evolving and why we need to use better metrics to measure the customer and business impact of our work.

6 content marketing to-dos

After studying 60+ pieces of content that marketers consider their best work, I identified 6 content marketing tactics that produce higher quality content, deeper engagement and better return on marketing investment.

Almost every business, nonprofit or association has need for a "we want you back" letter. Doing them right yields positive results, but getting them wrong can have the opposite impact. Here are four ways to personalize automated marketing to win back customers, donors or members.

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