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Best Practice

REI wins across its content marketing and brand journalism channels. Here, we take a deep dive into a product-focused article from the REI Co-Op Journal and what makes it so effective as a marketing and education tool.

Here’s a helpful primer to guide you in preparing for a cybercrime response. Don’t think it you won’t fall for a scam — the data shows you will.

Use this simple strategy to focus broad or fuzzy ideas into concrete concepts you can work with.

Want to advance in your marketing or brand journalism career? Hope to hire professionals with the skills to take your organization to the next level? Check out the most in-demand skill sets and our tips for improving them.

There are a lot of web writing best practices, but I think you only need one if you want to improve the quality of your copy: The 6 Traits. This framework pinpoints the areas of highest value so you can focus on them to make big improvements with just a little effort and intention.

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