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Everybody’s got a drawer where they put things they don’t know where else to put. This is ours.

Profesional advice on handling the mental health impacts of COVID-19 restrictions

Animal reminds you to breathe, via GIPHY These are strange days, indeed. Even if you’re a pro at working remotely, even if you like a cave-like existence, forced isolation can be emotionally challenging. I asked my good friend Fox Vernon, a professional therapist, to share some tips for staying emotionally healthy right now. 4 ways […] Read more

Freelancer Appreciation Week

Learn how to create stronger relationships with freelancers.

Holiday Gift Guide for Writers

Margot shares her gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Extending the ladder

See the advice Margot Lester shared with aspiring reporters, columnists and editors at the 2019 National High School Journalism Convention.

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