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Networking’s never been easier — or more complicated. Here’s a compendium of tips on how to network more effectively whether you’re using Linkedin, going to events or wondering if you should still carry business cards.

Too many of us think mentors are only for people starting their careers. That's a missed opportunity. Use these tips to find a mentor or sponsor at any age, or any stage of your career.

The power of word choice

"So" buys us time, but it can cost us credibility. Here's why.

Networking tip: Listen. Then Talk.

Want to get more from your networking? Stop talking and start listening!

Mentors are crucial, and I'm proud to be a mentor to some wonderful people and to have been mentored by some awesome folks. But there's more to mentoring than just offering great advice and sounding board services. When I look back at the mentors who helped me the most, I see that what they were […] Read More

Cover letters without pity

Check out the traits of successful cover letters, examples of them, and a killer strategy for writing better cover letters with less pain and suffering.

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