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Public Relations/PR practice

We’ve been doing public relations for a long time. The following posts are related to PR strategy, best practice and dos and don’ts.

Recommended Reading: COVID-19

Margot shares a roundup of some of the best insights on communicating during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Communicating about COVID-19

Check out these great examples of successful communication about COVID-19

Social media gaffes are common. Effective and authentic apologies for those miscues are not. But Janelle Monáe recently offered a concise, genuine mea culpa that serves as a good model for any of us. What’s good about this apology? It’s concise and written in plain language.It’s truthful and very self-aware. It sounds like the other […] Read more

Learn how to develop organizational messaging that meets your needs and speaks to the audience.

Given the enterprising nature of cybercriminals and other malicious actors, you can’t prevent improper use of customer/user data. But you can recommit to protecting that information, and increase trust by writing your ToS and privacy policies in plain language. Here’s how.

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