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6 ways to get more from good press

Check out 6 easy to execute tactics for promoting and amplifying great media coverage for your organization. Use this advice to get more return on your investment in public relations.

If you’re like me, every year you put the business holiday cards project on the to-do list sometime in the 3rd quarter. And then you look up and it’s practically Thanksgiving and you have done zip. (I just emailed our design partner this morning to get started!). My dad ran a printing company, so I […] Read more

Here’s a helpful primer to guide you in preparing for a cybercrime response. Don’t think it you won’t fall for a scam — the data shows you will.

  It’s awards season again—and I don’t just mean the Oscars®. Creative awards contests are gearing up, too. Today we launched the 2016 IFCA Annual Awards, open to any insurance or financial services company—and the creative agencies that serve them—in the U.S. and Canada. (Full disclosure: I’m the chairman of this contest) With all the stuff […] Read more

There’s a lot of writing about how to create better emails for lead generation or sales conversion. But many of us also produce emails to inform readers. And that’s a different animal. After a weekend of Winter Storm Jonas updates from the towns where we live and work, I got to do a sort-of A-B […] Read more

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