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Social Media

Actionable tips for improving nonprofit communications, including social media and writing for advocacy. Useful for staff, volunteers and board members who want to be more effective at promoting their organizations’ mission, impact and outcomes.

Is your social team ready to respond? Probably not. For two awards shows in a row, pre-made montages included the wrong image of an honoree, and in one case, a misspelled name. But that’s not the news story. After all, mistakes happen. The story is the lack of rapid response by the awarding organizations. These events […] Read more

How to use social media for PR

How to know where to spend your social media time and energy.

Frustrated with your content team’s struggle to recreate awesome work? Here’s how to make it easier for them and you to be more effective and efficient in creating high-quality content over and over again.

Handling negative feedback

How you can turn negative comments–from your boss or on review sites–into positive results.

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