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Consulting & Advisory Services

  • Can’t keep up with the demand for fresh content?
  • Want to streamline your content creation process?
  • Wondering how to build/re-form a content team or wrangle freelancers?
  • Crave outside input on your communications strategy?

We advise national media companies and brands like AOL, Institutional Investor, Staples and InterMedia Outdoors on how to solve complex communications and content operations issues, including:

Team Management

A national magazine specializing in long-form journalism engaged us to advise on reorganizing the newsroom to prepare for a digital-first initiative. We interviewed all members of the content team (writers, editors and designers) to assess strengths and interests, and then offered suggestions on re-forming teams and changing roles to produce new and existing content types more efficiently without a change in headcount.

Content Audit/Strategy

We were part of a team of external sources advising a major online content hub on how to upgrade its home page and produce more content “at Internet speed,” including new roles on the team and managing user-generated content. We also consulted with an international brand to create a content ecosystem—a web of different content types around one major report they planned to issue.

Content & Brand Newsroom Operations

We’ve worked with several companies to streamline content creation and improve content workflow management. We review the current process for developing content from concept to delivery, identify bottlenecks and recommend changes to ensure quality and increase speed to market. For companies seeking to establish higher-quality output, we create a shared language of quality based on their own samples of high-performing content and criteria for reproducing it, and we train them in how to provide actionable feedback that reduces confusion and cycle times. We design systems and processes that dovetail with marketing automation and content management systems to produce top quality in short order.

Onboarding & QA

A company planning to engage freelancers to produce content engaged us to create onboarding and quality-assurance processes. We developed a template to ensure standard formatting; selected models of high-performance copy and created criteria to help writers create high-quality content; and provided a story-planning strategy to speed approvals and reduce misdirections. We can do the same for user-generated content programs.

Communications Strategy

With multiple decades in corporate communications, and public and analyst relations, we're ready to help you develop or hone your outreach activities. From campaign strategy to tactical initiatives, we can brainstorm or evaluate ideas to help you reach your goals.

What can we help you solve today?

To learn more about our strategic consulting, contact Margot Carmichael Lester.


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