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How to improve writing with revision

Want to be a better writer?

Become a better reviser!

Here's a true fact: We don't spend enough time making our writing better. Oh, sure, we improve as we draft. Or we use spellchecker. But our effort -- not to mention our audience -- deserves better. We need to make explicit revision passes to improve the overall quality of our work and ultimately get better results from it. That's why I instituted a clear revision process for our writers and editors. We have a shared language and approach that makes it faster and easier for us to revise our own work and be more effective revising others'.

I recently presented a workshop on our process at the National High School Journalism Conference in Indianapolis with Steve Peha, my co-author on Be a Better Writer. Here's the deck we used for the workshop or you can download more detailed information on how and when to revise.

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