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Infographics for adult children caring for aging parents

Marc Borzelleca and I teamed up to create these infographics for Philips Lifeline. I researched the info and Marc created the graphics. We purposely designed the info and graphics to form easily atomized blocks of content that could stand alone for social sharing or illustrating blog posts and white papers.

I'm not gonna lie. Researching these projects taught me a lot about being careful and paying more attention to how my mother-in-law and other aging relations get around!

Infographics: When Seniors Fall

The Hidden Cost of Falls

Click image to see the entire infographic.

An infographic showing costs related to falls created by The Word Factory for Philips Lifeline

The Unseen Causes of Falls

Click image to see the entire infographic.

Philips Lifeline engaged The Word Factory to design this infographic on the reasons seniors fall

Time is Vital to Your Health After a Fall

Click image to see the entire infographic.

The Word Factory developed this infographic on the importance of rapid response after a fall for Philips Lifeline

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