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We're fortunate to have great clients. Here's what some of them have to say about our collaborations.


Margot and her team at The Word Factory are a content director's secret Swiss Army Knife when it comes to useful and thoughtful written content. She is a talented and well-connected journalist as well as a detail-oriented editor and cultivator of strong writers. At a time when many brands and sites settle for "unique" content to clear the lowest bar of SEO needs, Margot and her team deliver work of a higher caliber, full of credible sources, great data, stylish word-smithing and brand voice.
-- Shawn Peters, former creative director, Staples

Margot describes herself as a "content strategist and creator, journalist, problem-solver," and those are exactly her special skills. Margot is an innovator. She was blogging before there were blogs. She has a keen eye for what's interesting, and an ability to make it even more interesting.
-- Steve Eisenstadt, former VP, Brodeur Worldwide; now content director at Kulesa Faul, Raleigh 

We love working with Margot Lester and The Word Factory! Margot and her team have written the citations for our annual alumni awards luncheon and have done a terrific job. We get wonderful compliments both from the awardees and the guests. They go to great lengths to find an interesting tidbit that makes it more captivating than a typical bio. Margot and The Word Factory have always met any deadline we gave them and we have always been extremely pleased with their work.
-- Laurie Norman, director of alumni relations, UNC School of Education, Chapel Hill

Margot Lester's brilliant understanding of the decision-making process makes her a top communicator of complex ideas that need to be polished for human consumption. Her wordsmithing skills are second to none and her ability to engage her reader with both passion and information makes her the best at what she does. Would hire, work with, and recommend to anyone.
-- Brent Berger, president, Creative Studio B, Los Angeles

AffinergyMargot is very quick to understand business communication needs and a great listener. She is creative, funny, and not shy about suggesting alternative ideas and approaches. She has great enthusiasm and tenacity, which are balanced by experience and judgment.
                                                                         -- Peyton Anderson, CEO, Affinergy, Inc., Research Triangle Park

While I consider myself a competent writer when it comes to everyday writing (emails, etc), I’ve always struggled with writing well for my business, whether it be my website, executive summary, or other marketing documents. Using the straightforward strategies I learned from The Word Factory, I immediately found the courage to tackle projects that had been looming on my task list. Thank you for the great techniques!
-- Howie Rhee, managing director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, Durham

I have used the [Word Factory’s] Content-Purpose-Audience strategy organizer since the conference and it has made me a faster writer. And I’ve introduced the strategy to my team. They love it. Thanks for a great presentation!
-- Yolanda King Stephen, former instructional designer, Aflac, Columbus

Bravo and thank you! I had the pleasure of participating in The Word Factory's training at Wayne State in Detroit today and it was phenomenal! [Margot] and Steve were fun, energetic and informative. I have a totally new perspective about social networking and will be utilizing the tools you provided to market my company as soon as possible.
-- Tonisha Bowen, founder, BowenMorris Business Group, LLC, Detroit

MWIn the years that Margot Lester has covered my company and me, I have found her to be among the most knowledgeable, discreet and trustworthy business journalists. And her writing is consistently outstanding.
- Marc Wright, founder and principal, Martinez & Wright Business Information & Media, Los Angeles

Your Words That Work series helped me write a kick-ass resume and cover letters. I'm still getting calls for interviews!
-- Carrie Dean, Scottsdale

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