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Content Creation – Operations – Influence

We're a content marketing agency of experienced working journalists and corporate communications pros led by Margot Lester. We don’t have a super-fancy site or tons of self-congratulatory content because that’s just not our style. Our focus is on producing effective content efficiently and helping brands and media groups do the same. And we've been doing it since 1993.

Top quality. On time. On budget. No excuses. No whining.

I've worked with Margot for a number of years while employed for four different brands and on countless projects. Her team has excelled at written articles, infographics and interactive quizzes, and she proactively brings ideas to the table acting as an extension of the team.
Norma Gaffin, director of communications and content marketing, BlueSnap

What We Do

  • Advise and coach
  • Fill staff and knowledge gaps
  • Own content categories/verticals
  • Deliver on content metrics/performance
  • Write, write and write some more

How We Engage

  • Design staffing & operations plans
  • Perform audits & make recommendations
  • Create or comment on strategic plans
  • Lead &/or oversee content team
  • Act as individual content contributors


  • Editorial process and management
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Audience engagement, development and acquisition through content

 Margot is an innovator. She has a keen eye for what's interesting, and an ability to make it even more interesting.
Steve Eisenstadt, content director, Offleash; former VP, Brodeur Worldwide

Content Creation & Operations

With 25+ years in the business, we’ve honed our skills, learned a lot and created efficient processes, all of which have big and positive impact on the business. Because of our longevity and our operational focus, we work both sides of the content coin. Need content? We can make it! Need to build capacity? We can do it!  Need a better process? We can create it!

Consulting, Coaching & Training

Engage us to advise or show you how to:

  • Execute a digital transformation or reorganization
  • Operationalize content strategy
  • Accelerate content production via efficient content creation processes
  • Assess skills and competencies to build stronger and more productive teams
  • Evaluate systems and processes to reduce time to publish/time to market
  • Develop team practices to generate more topics and types of content, and identify opportunities to launch or amplify initiatives
  • Improve engagement, activation and time on site
  • Level up and sustain content quality
  • Support testing and rapid iteration
  • Integrate content expertise into digital initiatives

Content/Editorial Creation & Management

Hire us when you need to:

  • Produce more high-quality content for maximum relevance and engagement
  • Develop ideas for new topics and types of content
  • Approach a project with subject matter expertise you don’t have
  • Meet your production deadlines and reduce bottlenecks
  • Generate A & B versions for use in testing
  • Bridge skills gaps or scheduling issues on your team
  • Dedicate a team of writers and designers to a specific initiative
  • Brainstorm new initiatives or boost existing ones
  • Provide additional revision and editing support
  • Bring journalistic standards and new voices to your content

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Increase content marketing output with The Word FactoryConsulting

Can’t keep up with the demand for fresh and engaging content? Want to streamline your content creation process? Wondering how to build a content team or wrangle freelancers? We advise national media companies and brands on how to solve complex content operations issues.


Our team of working journalists creates content for media organizations, global brands and small businesses to inform, drive sales, build loyalty and trust, and advance performance.

Leadership & Executive Communications CoachingFun icon on Margot Lester's keynote speaker page

If you want the unique experience of becoming a more efficient and effective communicator, and you want to have fun doing it, I’m the coach you want in your corner. And you’re the client I want to work hard for.


Whether you want to recharge your team or train new hires, we teach you how to improve output, increase quality and reduce cycle times. Let us show you how to be a better and more efficient writer.

Heart icon on The Word Factory's nonprofit services pageSocial Good

Mobilizing supporters, educating the public and shaping the debate require concise and directed communication. Let us help you tell your story and engage with crucial stakeholders and influencers.

Conference Speaking & Facilitating

Perspectives, inspiration and how-to advice you've never considered before. Book me for your conference

We give you your words’ worth. Every day. Every time.

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