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Write better faster

“What’s one simple thing I can do to write better fast?” I get this question a lot and my answer is always the same: Cut. Ann Handley says everybody writes. I say everybody overwrites. In fact, Poynter’s Chip Scanlon estimates that we all overwrite by 15-20%. Yes, all of us. Professional tweeters and caption writers. […] Read more

We know blogs perform better when they have more than one [good] image. But sourcing can be a challenge, even for the biggest brands (whose teams are just as strapped for time as everyone else’s). Here’s how to distribute that task to agencies and freelancers to make it faster and more cost-effective.

Writing Advice: Thesaurus+

A Thesaurus is a terrific tool for writers of any kind. But going beyond the Thesaurus makes you an even stronger writer and communicator. Here’s how.

It’s cool if you want to cold-email random bloggers asking them to link to your site (even though I don’t think that’s a very effective tactic). But don’t do it like this. Check out the direct email / influencer marketing tactic you should not use.

Give visitors to your site a reason to stick around with content that meets their immediate need and makes it easy for them to find content related to their next question, problem, aspiration. Use this 10-step process to do it.

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