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Content & Content Operations

Here’s a boatload of information on content development and management, including how to plan content, how to write content (especially for the web) and how to manage and market it. Everything you need to build or enhance your content operations.

What is short-form content? In this case, we’re talking articles under 400 words. And how do you write great short-form articles? Check out the process we use to get the most impact more effective use of resources.

Learn how to avoid common miscues from data entry and automation in fundraising.

I write and talk about feedback a lot. That’s largely because I think most of us get it wrong. We don’t ask for the feedback we really need. (When I rule the world, I will decree an end to “let me know what you think” requests for review). We don’t give feedback that makes the […] Read More

See an example of an effective content-heavy comparison chart and learn what makes it work.

We developed a nine-step process for creating B2B and B2C seasonal content for the holidays.

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