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Writing/How to Write

For experienced writers and novices alike! If you want tips and strategies for how to write almost anything, you’re in the right place. Tips on editing and revising, too!

In this mini case study, we break down an content marketing article from auction house Leland Little so you can see the traits that make it work and learn how to produce an effective explainer of your own.

Writers on writing: Audre Lorde

It’s not just poets and authors who love words. Brand journalists and content marketers do, too. Check out this wonderful passage from Audre Lorde’s poem, Coal, which eloquently describes her relationship with words.

Becoming a better writer takes a lot of work, but you can make good progress using this 7-step process to distill your thoughts and make your writing tighter and clearer.

Resolutions for 2019

I set a few New Year’s resolutions for my business this year. Did you?

Writing Advice: Thesaurus+

A Thesaurus is a terrific tool for writers of any kind. But going beyond the Thesaurus makes you an even stronger writer and communicator. Here’s how.

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