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Writing/How to Write

Focus on storytelling

Expert insights on storytelling to help you infuse more narrative into your content marketing

Persuasive writing tips

Margot shares her proven strategy for writing effective content for advocacy and activism

Empathy in content marketing

Learn how to infuse more empathy and emotional intelligence into your content marketing and business writing

Tips for writers & editors

Create stronger and more effective relationships between writers and editors with these tips from The Word Factory’s Margot Lester.

Write better faster

“What’s one simple thing I can do to write better fast?” I get this question a lot and my answer is always the same: Cut. Ann Handley says everybody writes. I say everybody overwrites. In fact, Poynter’s Chip Scanlon estimates that we all overwrite by 15-20%. Yes, all of us. Professional tweeters and caption writers. […] Read more

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