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Marketing and public relations have never been more important. Find innovative techniques and tips here.

Came across this interesting insight from The Next Web in a SmartBrief round-up this morning: Today we have plenty of evidence that deeper, research-backed, and longer-form content has more potential to be shared and drive links over time. Sharing of magazine articles, which tend to be longer than 1,000 words, is up 11.3 percent since December. Longform […] Read more

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Margot breaks down 7 elements of an effective brand social responsibility campaign using Icon Undies’ #threeinthree campaign for World Continence Week.

Read this mini case study to learn how to make the most of conference and trade show sponsorships and booth space from IngramSpark.

Why it’s good business for owners to take time off to advocate and support nonprofits and causes.

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