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Everybody’s got a drawer where they put things they don’t know where else to put. This is ours.

It’s hard to go with the flow when you don’t know how. Use these easy-to-implement strategies to fix issues with logical and/or rhythmic flow in your content.

Learn how to avoid common miscues from data entry and automation in fundraising.

Learn how to get sources to give better answers in interviews. Tips include how to find sources, how to ask better questions, and how to engage more effectively.

It’s hard to write about ourselves. Even if we’re great writers, we aren’t quite as confident or eloquent when the sentences we’re stringing together are about us. I ran into this phenomenon again last night, when a friend wrote me struggling with a major overhaul of his professional bio and Linkedin profile. I suggested he […] Read more

Happy holidays

See you next year! We’re off for the rest of 2017 to spend time with our family and friends.  Warmest wishes for the closing of the year from The Word Factory Team!   […] Read more

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