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Everybody’s got a drawer where they put things they don’t know where else to put. This is ours.

So many good things are happening for,the book my husband and I wrote. Read our Kirkus Review!

I really enjoyed Manoush Zomorodi’s Bored and Brilliant: How Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive and Creative Self. I think you will, too. Here’s why.

9/11: Documenting a tragedy

Revisiting two incredible pieces of journalism from the 9/11 attacks: The Falling Man photo by Richard Drew, and a related article by Tom Junod.

Making the most of microcontent

Seth Godin made an excellent point about micro content.He mentions the role of word choice, which impacts voice, which influences likability and relatability — all of which are vital in any piece of content, but particularly in short form. Get Better Results with Better Word ChoiceWe achieve better word choice and voice when we think […] Read more

So this happened

A not-so-humble brag from yours truly.

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