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Work Samples from Margot Lester & The Word Factory Team

Here are the products of some of our most recent content development projects.

Looking for examples of how-to pieces? Here’s one we crafted for the Mimecast blog on how to avoid falling prey to email-based cybercrime for our content marketing client Mimecast.

See how your brand can offer useful and highly relevant content that meets customers’ most critical information needs.

So many good things are happening for,the book my husband and I wrote. Read our Kirkus Review!

Read a round-up of reporting about the rebuilding of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to see what’s ahead for Houston after Hurricane Harvey finally clears out.

Reason 832 to Work with Trained Journalists I always have a few true news gigs on my roster to keep my reporting skills fresh. That comes in really handy when our corporate clients want to draft off breaking news. My team and I (all active freelance journalists) can spring into action to turn assignments around […] Read more

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