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Work Samples from Margot Lester & The Word Factory Team

Here are the products of some of our most recent content development projects.

One of the occupational hazards of being a brand journalist is scaring the crap out of yourself with your own reporting. Here’s what I mean: After we produced a Disaster Preparedness Month package for Staples, I freaked myself out and created a hazardous weather plan for our tiny office. Upon completing a Philips Lifeline infographic […] Read more

This infographic project we did for Philips Lifeline also served to establish a design language for future infographics and extend the brand palette.

Skillful use and re-use of evergreen content support better return on marketing investment and enables you to re-promote articles and visual content that performed well or has new relevance for your audience. Here’s an evergreen content example from our client, Staples.

So this happened

A not-so-humble brag from yours truly.

Visual content marketing includes infographics and checklists like the ones we researched and wrote for Staples as part of the company’s moving season promotion.

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