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Content Marketing & Brand Journalism

We have one goal: To help you produce content marketing and brand journalism that supports organizational goals, meets audience needs and gets results.

Even if you’re not sure what content is (here's our definition), you know you need it to reach prospects and customers/clients and drive business operations and revenues. But with everything else on your to-do list, you can't help wondering:

How to produce enough content efficiently and cost-effectively

How to create content that engages the audience

How to integrate content marketing into your current mix without stressing yourself/staff or busting your budget.

Margot's brilliant understanding of the decision-making process makes her a top communicator of complex ideas that need to be polished for human consumption. Her word-smithing skills are second to none and her ability to engage her reader with both passion and information makes her the best at what she does. Would hire, work with, and recommend to anyone.
Brent Berger, president, Creative Studio B

We’ve got your back.

Whether you're B2B, B2C or anything2anybody, we can help.

We produce news features for print and web, including brand journalism and native advertising for national brands like Match.com and Staples. We also create news releases, newsletters, web copy, blog/Twitter/Facebook posts, slide decks, ads/promotions and email or PR campaigns. Our experience as professional journalists ensures high-quality writing and that ever-elusive newsworthiness that creates real value for reporters, readers and your bottom line. We also help our clients create custom content such as advertorials, case studies, white papers, ebooks and special advertising sections.

Trained as generalists, we also have solid domain experience in architecture, real estate and development; and healthcare, medicine and pharma.

If you need web, presentation, video and print graphics services, our long-time design partners can handle concept development, design and production. We also have a strong partnership with a survey/market research expert. And our relationships with top-flight printing and web development companies allow us to engage other trusted vendors if you need them.

Our strategies, processes, tools and talent will help you create content/brand journalism that cuts through the clutter, gets the audience’s attention and builds your reputation and prospects’ and clients’ trust. We can help you develop content strategy and operations to make internal and/or freelance content more effective. Or we can create relevant content, native advertising and brand journalism worth sharing so you don't have to.

What now?

Contact Margot Lester at margot@thewordfordfactory or 919-967-3172 to chat about how you can get more from your team and your content marketing.

If you've got any of these items on your list, we can help:

Let us help you Get Your Words' Worth™.

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