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Coaching & Training to Get Results

Sure, you could buy an off-the-shelf coaching solution to develop existing talent or prepare new hires for their jobs. You can grab a one-size-fits-all training program to improve quality, speed production recharge your team, or level-set freelancers and contractors. But we all know those can only get you so far.

Save your time and money. Get a training program or coaching engagement tailored to your specific needs and based on the quality of work you want.

I work with you to design cost-efficient professional development that:

  • Targets your/your team's specific content creation challenges or skills gaps
  • Delivers proven and purpose-built interventions and strategies
  • Builds individual and team capacity
  • Tracks progress and improvement
  • Produces measurable ROI

And I offer ongoing support after the workshop or engagement ends.

While I consider myself a competent writer when it comes to everyday writing (emails, etc.), I’ve always struggled with writing well for my business, whether it be my website, executive summary, or other marketing documents. Using the straightforward strategies I learned from The Word Factory, I immediately found the courage to tackle projects that had been looming on my task list. Thank you for the great techniques!
Howie Rhee, managing director, Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Fuqua School of Business at Duke University

Writing Coaching with Margot Carmichael Lester

Want to be a more effective or productive writer?

Executives, community leaders, entrepreneurs and professional writers and communicators work with me to hone their writing and public speaking, boost quality and produce faster.

The core elements of my one-on-one coaching model include:

  • Assessing your current abilities
  • Gathering insights on improvements from managers, colleagues, investors or advocates
  • Determining goals
  • Learning a core set of replicable strategies to improve quality or workflow
  • Delivering real-time feedback and techniques on work in progress
  • Measuring and reporting progress

Recent Writing Coaching Engagements

  • Helping a successful TV news reporter and anchor adapt her skills to a new corporate communications position with a national healthcare organization
  • Showing a busy founder a process for capturing and organizing ideas to plan and write an business book
  • Working with an elected official to write a statement and guest essay about a personal challenge
  • Scrubbing an investor pitch for the eventual winner of Google Demo Day

Thank you so much for the voice-to-text tip! It cut my newsletter drafting time by about 50% this week.
Jill James, founder, coach & consultant, SIF Industries


Want to ease into it? Buy a copy of Be a Better Writer, the award-winning writing book I co-authored with my husband and training partner. Even though it's for kids, loads of adults are using it, too.

Team Training and Skills Development with Margot Lester

Corporate Training with Margot Lester

A recent workshop on creating better infographics.

People learn best by doing, so I lead participants in working on what matters most to you, to them and to the bottom line. We learn new tools and tactics in a fast-paced, hands-on experience that makes learning fun, personalized and valuable.  No more boring slide shows or contrived assignments designed to pass the time. My Writer's Workshop-style training offers maximal interaction between us and your team -- and between team members  themselves.

Often, I'm joined by my professional educator Steve Peha. Together, we wrote the award-winning Be a Better Writer.

Recent Corporate Training Engagements

  • Identifying workflow bottlenecks during writing and approvals at a national re-insurance company, and creating a new process to speed production and review
  • Creating a guidebook for content creators at a major regional medical center that included examples of quality writing and strategies for producing it
  • Developing actionable guidance and concrete examples of corporate voice based on a major financial services company's brand guidelines, and training the content and communications teams on how to produce it
  • Building camaraderie and level-setting skills for a new team formed during an international association's digital transformation initiative

I have used the [Word Factory’s] Content-Purpose-Audience strategy since the conference and it has made me a faster writer. And I’ve introduced the strategy to my team. They love it.
Yolanda King Stephen, former instructional designer, Aflac

Our Most Popular Writing & Content Marketing Workshops

The content of these workshops is reverse-engineered to deliver the results you want to achieve. Workshops on-site individually or in half- and full-day sessions for your team/s. We can also do dial-in sessions via your preferred teleconferencing app.

These workshops target challenges facing most organizations. If you've got a special issue that needs solving, let's talk. We can work with you to create custom sessions or coaching directed at solving those particular problems.

Want to DIY it? Contact me for discount pricing on bulk orders of Be a Better Writer.


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Business and career coaching to improve performance, make an impact and get results.

I also work with folks who want to:

  • Improve personal effectiveness
  • Vett ideas for new ventures, directions
  • Connect with helpful people
  • Manage a job search/career change

Recent Business & Career Coaching Engagements

  • Repositioning a professional changing careers and industries, including a new resume, cover letter template and LinkedIn profile
  • Connecting a community advocate working on an opioid intervention and prevention campaign with a skilled grant writer to secure funding
  • Helping a small group of start-up biotechnology entrepreneurs hone slide presentations for a speed-dating investor pitch competition

Margot offers a unique brand of coaching that’s rooted in real-world experience and success. I share a perspective that comes from working with her professionally off-and-on for over 25 years. With a genuine enthusiasm for helping you identify, take aim and ultimately achieve your objectives, she brings rich business acumen and experience that spans local and global companies – from start-up endeavors to multinational organizations. Having helped burgeoning entrepreneurial companies launch and succeed, she’s seen what works and has honed a sixth sense for the pitfalls to avoid. From her work with national brands, Margot offers a unique depth and breath of real-world, global economy perspective. For those of us who have hired Margot over the years, we know to trust her instincts. Her practical coaching comes from a passion and zest for business. She’s a great advocate to have in your corner; which translates into enthusiasm for you, your objectives and your bottom line.
--Walt Boyle, serial entrepreneur

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